• Who is eligible for this service?

    Anyone who is:

    • Aged 12 and over
    • Who are current smokers of a tobacco product (anyone who has smoked in the last 14 days)
    • Who want to stop smoking with support from the service
    • Who are not receiving a stop smoking service from another provider
    • Residing, working or registered with a GP within Stoke on Trent

    However, to receive specialist 1to1 support from our dedicated coaches’ and free access to stop smoking medications / e-cigarettes you must meet the following criteria:

    Be a current smoker of a tobacco product who is:

    • Pregnant

    • Pregnant partner or family member living in the same household.

    • Suffering daily with moderate or severe mental health.

  • What services are available if I don’t fit the eligibility criteria?

    Digital support will be provided using a range of technology such as social media, mobile Apps, chat and text as well as encouragement to purchase NRT or e-cigarettes. Signposting to other organisations and support is also available where appropriate.

  • I've been smoke free for more than 2 weeks, can I access the service?

    Unfortunately no, In order to access the service you must be a smoker (have smoked within the last 14 days). Please visit here for more information and support.

  • What is the duration of the programme?

    12 weeks

  • Can we access e-cigarettes via your service?

    Yes, you will get free access to e-cigarette starter packs and 8 weeks’ supply of e-liquid

  • Can we access stop smoking medications for free?


  • I have a chronic long-term condition and take a lot of medication; Am I eligible to access the service?

    Our dedicated support team will discuss all options available

  • How often will you contact me and how/where?

    We call at regular intervals , usually weekly for the first 4 weeks and then fortnightly up to week 12

  • What’s going to happen when I run out of medication?

    We provide up to 8 weeks of stop smoking medication after that if more is needed we will provide details of what needs to be purchased and suitable places to obtain the medications from

  • Can a member of my household or family access the service?

    Anyone can access service as long as they meet the service specific eligibility criteria

  • What will happen after I finish treatment/support?

    We will ensure you are comfortable to self manage or offer extra support calls

  • How will I get the medication?

    Delivered to you home address via courier

  • Are we expected to ‘blow into that machine’?

    We are currently a remote service and no CO monitoring is required at this time.

  • Where can I access a stop smoking practitioner?

    Services are still offering remote appointments via the telephone, face time, teams or zoom. Face to face support could be offered on an individualised basis based on your needs.