Smoke free family

If you currently live with a family member in the Stoke-on Trent area who is pregnant and you’d like to quit smoking, we’re here to help.

The best way to protect your loved ones. Pregnant women exposed to passive smoke are more prone to premature birth and their baby is more at risk of low birthweight and cot death.

How we can help you to stop smoking:

  • We’ll help you create a personalised quit plan
  • Free access to e-cigarette starter packs and 8 weeks’ supply of e-liquid
  • Advice on what nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) would be best
  • Health Coaches can prescribe NRTs and quit aids such as gums, patches and inhalators
  • Regular one-to-one phone or video calls
  • Support for up to 12 weeks
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Benefits of stopping smoking for your family

Protect your family by quitting smoking

  • Most secondhand smoke is invisible and odourless, so no matter how careful you think you're being, people around you still breathe in the harmful poisons.
  • Children who live with smokers are at higher risk of breathing problems, asthma, and allergies.

It’s not always easy to quit smoking, but our health coaches are here to support you throughout your quitting journey.

Smoke free family

Tips on quitting

Did you know that you're up to 4 times more likely to quit successfully with the help of your local stop smoking service?