Refer someone

Please note that your patient is only eligible to use this service if they live, work or have a GP in Stoke-On-Trent and:

  • Have a moderate or severe mental health illness
  • Are currently pregnant
  • Live with or are the partner or family member of a pregnant woman who is accessing our service.

If you would like to register a patient on a phone call, please contact us directly on 0808 169 1869

Do they need the support of a translator?
Are they a care leaver?

A care leaver is an adult who has spent time living in the care system, away from their family

Do they consider themselves to be a carer?
Do they consider themselves to have a disability?
Are they Pregnant?
Do they have a partner who is pregnant or live with someone who is pregnant?
Do they have any mental health illnesses at the moment?

You data is submitted in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will not be used other than for helping you access the programme